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A woman is forced to fulfill her destiny of fighting vampires and demons with the help of her friends all the while struggling to live a normal teenage life of …

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“Love isn’t brains, ren, it’s blood — blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003), created by Joss Whedon, is a television series about Buffy Summers, a teenage teen chosen by fate to battle against vampires, demons, and other supernatural foes.

‘The Body’: The Radical Empathy of Buffy’s Best Episode. As the WB show turns 20, a look at how it dealt with grief in Season 5

“Whedon’s voice is so distinct that ‘Buffy Speak’ has become a mode of language unto its own – one codified by a jumbling of nouniness and adjectiviage into languagey-bits that sound like your brain forgot words before spontaneously re-remembering them.”

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an American supernatural drama television series created by Joss Whedon under his production tag, Mutant Enemy Productions, with later co-executive producers being Jane Espenson, David Fury, David Greenwalt, Doug Petrie, Marti Noxon, and David Solomon.

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Faith as she first arrives in Sunnydale. Faith arrived to Sunnydale during the start of Buffy’s senior year. Buffy met Faith after witnessing her kill a vampire that she lured in an alleyway by the Bronze nightclub which Buffy and her friends were patronizing.

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