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CUM LAUDE Das Restaurant in der Humboldt Universität. Platz der Märzrevolution D-10117 Berlin Telefon: +49 30 208 28 83. mehr lesen …

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Cum laude [1] (en latín, ‘con alabanza, con elogio’) es una locución latina usada para indicar el nivel de rendimiento académico con el que se ha obtenido un grado académico universitario máximo, usualmente el doctorado.

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Dec 08, 2017 · cum laude (not comparable) . With praise; an honor added to a diploma or degree for work that is above average.; Usage notes []. In the USA, there are three honors often added to diplomas and degrees, and two others less commonly used.

Cum laude is an academic level of distinction used by educational institutions to signify an academic degree which was received “with honor.”

Cum laude (Latijn: cum = met, laus = lof, ‘met lof’) is een aanduiding die wordt gebruikt als mensen met hoge cijfers slagen voor hun universitair examen of doctoraalexamen.

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Cum laude definition, with honor: used in diplomas to grant the lowest of three special honors for grades above the average. See more.

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Learn about the honor of achieving the Cum Laude title and difference between summa and magna cum laude.

Types. Many institutions confer three levels of Latin honors, as follows: cum laude, meaning “with praise” or “with honor”.In North America, this honor is typically awarded to graduates in the top 25% or 30% of their class.

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